The Elastic Clause
The Louisiana Purchase was important to the United States because it
(1) expanded the nation’s boundary to the Pacific Ocean
(2) removed the Spanish from North America
(3) closed the western territories to slavery
(4) secured control of the Mississippi River
A geographic and economic motivation for the
Louisiana Purchase (1803) was the desire to
(1) annex California
(2) secure land for the Erie Canal
(3) control the port of New Orleans
(4) own all of the Great Lakes
Congress opposed President Franklin D.
Roosevelt’s plan to increase the number of
justices on the Supreme Court because the plan
would have
(1) threatened the principle of checks and
(2) abolished judicial review
(3) violated the elastic clause of the Constitution
(4) given the federal government too much
power over the states
Which idea did the Founding Fathers include in
the Constitution that allows Congress to meet the
needs of a changing society?
(1) federalism
(2) separation of powers
(3) the elastic clause
(4) States rights


Based on the information on this map, what action did President Thomas Jefferson take to encourage the
economic growth of the United States?